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Welcome to ‘MIXOLOGY’, the show where I take Mono, Stereo, and International/Single mixes of classic albums, and compare and contrast all the key differences to create the ultimate in-a-nutshell guide!

August 11, 2021

Magical Mystery Tour by The Beatles

Hello Friends, and today we're going with a slightly controversial option, and that is The Beatles 1967 US-Only LP 'Magical Mystery Tour'. Originally released as a double EP in the UK (as well as a number of places in the rest of the world), the US rejigged the track order, and filled Side 2 with the non-LP songs from earlier in the year. While another Capitol Hodge-Podge, this album works extremely well, and has now been assimilated into the official catalog, and so today, we're going to be looking at all 11 tracks from this wonderful beastie. With far too many mixes of I Am The Walrus, along with a couple of later mixes from the 70s to bump things up, let's hop on the Coach and go off to meet the Fool on the Hill.
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